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ARC IB Extended Essay

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This page will, hopefully, answer any questions you may have with regard to the rationale (reasons!) behind the Extended Essay.

Why do I have to write an Extended Essay?

There are two answers to this:

1. The Extended Essay offers you the opportunity to focus on an area of study that particularly appeals to you. It allows you the chance to develop your ideas and theories independently. In reality it is a mini thesis which prepares you for the demands of college or university work.

2. Because IB says so.


Will I still pass my IB Diploma if I don't submit an Extended Essay?

No. No diplomas will be awarded to anyone who fails to turn in an extended essay.


Does the Extended Essay get me any points toward my final IB score?

The extended essay and TOK paper combine together to give you a maximum of three points. This may not seem like much, but if you come up two or three points shy of a diploma, you'll kick yourself. Also, some universities may require a minimum IB score (e.g. 30).

You will do nothing but benefit yourself by turning in a good, solid essay.


How many words does it have to be?

Your extended essay must be between 3,500 - 4,000 words.


What is and is not included in the word count?

The word count includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion
  • Any Quotations

The word count does not include the following:

  • The Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • The Contents Page
  • Maps, charts, diagrams, annotated illustrations and tables
  • The References/Bibliography
  • Appendices

What happens if my paper is over 4,000 words?

You will be subject to penalties and examiners are not required to read material in excess of the word limit.

Does the title of my essay have to be in the form of a question?

No, your essay title does not have to be a question. However it should be precise and provide a clear indication of the the focus of the essay.

Can I use videotapes or audiotapes to go along with my Extended Essay?

Videotape as supporting material is not permissible.

The use of audiotape as supporting material is permissible, but is not encouraged, and extra merit will not be given for the inclusion of audiotapes in support of an extended essay. Digital audiotapes are not acceptable.