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ARC IB Extended Essay

EE Deadlines

EE Deadlines
Frequently Asked Questions
Choosing a Subject
Choosing a Topic
The Role of the Supervisor
Contact EE Coordinator
Supervisor's Agreement
Organizing Your Essay
Plagiarism Info
Useful Links
Diploma Points Matrix for the EE and TOK Essays

Deadlines for Class of 2013
Introduction to EE                             January 6, 2012

EE Student/Parent Contract             January 9, 2012
Subject Turned in to Mr. Hallman   January 13, 2012
Mentor Agreement                           January 20, 2012

Subject-Specific Meetings               January 23-27, 2012

Working Lunch w/ Mentor               February 8, 2012
Research Question to Mr. Hallman February 17, 2012
Progress Report from Mentor          March 1, 2012
Rough Draft Due (3,000 word min.)  April 9, 2012
* must be submitted to
Final Draft Due (3,400 word min.)    April 30, 2012            * must be submitted to
Teacher Submission of Student Work  May 21, 2012