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ARC IB Extended Essay

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Diploma Points Matrix for the EE and TOK Essays

Welcome to the ARC IB Extended Essay Website. Here you will hopefully be able to find everything you ever wanted to learn about the Extended Essay.

The Extended Essay is a mandatory requirement for receiving an IB Diploma. Failure to do the Extended Essay will result in dismissal from the IB program. This said, it's also important to know that it is but a small part of your overall IB experience. The Extended Essay, along with a TOK paper, combine to add up to an additional 3 points towards your required number of points to earn a diploma. In other words, don't let it rule your life, but remember it could be the ONE thing that pulls you through to a diploma. Remember, DO GOOD WORK!

The Extended Essay may seem like a lot of work (combined with classes and CAS), but we have laid it out with deadlines throughout the year. You will have plenty of time to get it done. And for the current juniors, you will be finished with it by the time you start your senior year. Seniors, you should have a good Halloween...

So don't panic. Sit back, put it all in perspective, and be sure to have fun with it. Who knows, you might learn something that changes your life forever...