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ARC IB Extended Essay

Choosing a Subject
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Choosing a Subject
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Diploma Points Matrix for the EE and TOK Essays

The following list contains all IB approved subjects for the Extended Essay component of the Diploma Program. Each link contains critical information for writing a paper in that area.
Students: Once you have chosen a subject, print your relevant guide and read through it very carefully. Your extended essay advisor will also need to read your subject guide.

English A1 (Primary Language)

English A2 - Foreign Language




History and History of the Islamic World



Peace and Conflict Studies



Theatre Arts

Visual Arts

World Religions

  • There is no category for Law. Law is not offered as a subject for study by IB. As IB is an international diploma it would be difficult to offer a law course suitable for all countries.
  • There is no category for Ethics or Morals. Ethics and Morals are covered within the Theory of Knowledge course. While it may be possible to address a moral/ethical issue within Philosophy it would be necessary to discuss this with the Extended Essay coordinator, Mark Hallman, before starting your essay.
  • Language A2 Essays must be written in the subject language. For example if you choose to do an essay in Russian the essay must be written in Russian